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Find Our Love Again Power Slaves

Lagu “Find our love again”
Artis “Power slaves”

I wish and never let you go
ill take you home but the time seem sadness
i know its the dark park of the town
nothing to saywhen everything is gone

I know its hard to be somebody
sometimes when im walking down the rain
to find Our love again!

Last things i remember
i was walkin in the rain
tryin to find the other sight
i know its more than just a right

Baby theres a million dreams
the more will come the other night
some say it remember
some makes me forget…!

When the love is gone
and yOure miles away
the night wont tell me what happened today
its more than just…balls ‘n chain
i feel like…im insane

When the days turn dark
and the sun wont shine
find in hard when you give me the line
now it seems that were living in sin
oh baby…to find Our love again

Tell me now how to face the truth
tell me how you bring me the line
now you saying that you bring me line
in the night when were spending Our time
i remember i was waiting like a fool
when you tell me that love was loaded gun!

Sometimessometimes i remember
dont walk away…dont walk away from me…
i couldnt found… i couldnt found the way……!

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