Love penyanyi The Mercys see how lovecan make you smileit always....but no one can makeit stop, oh....but, darling....see how love canmake the tearsand it alwaysbut no one can make Read more... [TopLirikLagu.Com]" />

Love The Mercys

Lagu “Love”
Artis “The mercys”

See how Love
can make you smile
it always
but no one can make
it stop
see how Love can
make the tears
and it always
but no one can make

It stop
you had broken many
and think you are
the winner by the game
what a strong may
come to you
thats will be him
theres no one wholl
cry for you

its Love without
a sad song
it makes people smile
and it ended be full
of tears
it makes people smile

You have seen
how Love can be
so try again to make
you understand
try your heart to
make it thru
that it will be him
theres no one wholl
cry for you

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